C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
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C-Vibez Feminised Seeds

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Dutch Passion | Buy the best cannabis seeds

Sweet and fruity with floral and piney undertones, C-Vibez is a unique blend.
Frosty C-Vibez plants are everywhere. Aromatically, it's best described as sweet and juicy. A more classic Haze scent, with notes of acid, pine, and spice, can be found in some genotypes as well. However, this is not the primary scent. When opening a bag of Cheetos, some genotypes have a musty, chewy aroma, similar to that of a Cheese strain.

To ensure that there is something wonderful for every grower, this strain was purposefully not entirely stabilised.

Our most potent strain, C-Vibez is trichome-covered.
When it comes to potency, Dutch Passion's C-Vibez is a top contender. We named this strain 'Extremely High' for its consistently high THC levels, which range between 20 and 25 percent. Almost all of the phenotypes we sent to the lab tested positive for THC levels above 20%! If you're a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, this is the strain for you!

What are C-genetics? Vibez's
The Mad Scientist x Voodoo cross produces C-Vibez. Our old-school Voodoo genetics have been carefully crossed with Mad Scientist's genetics. VOODOO is an original Thai variety from Dutch Passion that has a very strong flavour and potency. The strong'stone' that users get from smoking/vaping her is because to these genetics. The high cannabinoid profile of these genotypes was ensured by crossing two heavyweights. The buds of certain plants are coloured. Phenotypes exist with flowers that are all purple, such as this one.

It is possible to create a wide range of phenotypes by crossing a more Indica dominant hybrid (Mad Scientist) with a more Sativa dominant hybrid (Voodoo). The potency is the same for each and every phenotype, though!

Long, dense buds coated with dazzling trichomes characterise C-Vibez.
In our 'Classics' line of cannabis seeds, C-Vibez is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. To give these "old-school" genomes a fresh look, Dutch Passion Voodoo and Mad Scientist were used.

C-Vibez has a reputation for being a hardy, vigorous plant. During the growing stage, this strain can produce extremely huge fan leaves. Bigger than the combined size of your two hands! In general, females have a bushy and compact growth pattern. A more open, Sativa-like structure can be seen in some genotypes during the growth phase. Our largest plants are coming out of here. The flowering phase of this strain can be rather protracted, so don't wait too long to get started.

Topping and fimming and LST are just some of the techniques and procedures she can be used for (Low Stress Training). You can also 'Scrog' grow her by bending/crunching the stem/branches. I believe that anything is possible, and this lady is no exception!

Don't forget to defoliate her when she's in bloom as well as when she's growing. The result is a faster, more productive harvest since all of the plants' branches and growth shoots will receive more light. Up until roughly week four of flowering, most plants will continue to grow. The flowering time of the longest phenotypes is one week longer.

She has a medium-to-large-sized plant structure. Leaves have a hybrid structure with mostly Sativa features, thin and long with a slender shape, with a medium internode distance.

C-genetics Vibez's ensure the following characteristics:
It's a lovely, heavy-budded strain with a hefty dose of THC.
A wide range of cultivars that can be grown using a variety of techniques and growing methods.
Large plants with big yields and a variety of flavours and odours.

C-Vibez is a great strain for growers that want to experiment with different phenotypes of the same strain.

C-Vibez has a variety of effects.
Consuming C-Vibez buds results in a powerful, long-lasting high that lasts for hours. There are both physical and mental aspects to the high. The feeling of euphoria creeps up on you slowly. To begin with, she leaves the consumer feeling energised, joyful, and open to new ideas. The high gets stronger and more intense the more you smoke or vape.

After a while, the benefits become more tangible as opposed to just a mental high. Your eyes turn red, your body relaxes, and you go into a state of euphoria! Testers were blown away by this strain's performance. The smoke may appear to be inconspicuous at first, but it packs a powerful and pleasant punch!

C-blossoming Vibe's period
Medium to big plants can be expected from the C-Vibez cannabis strain. While in flower, this strain has a tendency to elongate itself. Compared to a pure Sativa, she may not reach the heights of her purebred counterpart, but for a hybrid, she is still rather impressive. This, of course, is dependent on the phenotype in question. In general, the height of C-Vibez increases by a factor of greater than two throughout the blooming period.

Typically, the flowering period lasts 10-12 weeks. After about 9-10 weeks, the quickest varieties are ready, while the most Sativa-dominant varieties require an extra week or two. They might take as long as 14 weeks to ripen, depending on the variety. If you're willing to put up with a longer blossoming time, you'll get your money's worth in the long run.

C-yield Vibe's
In order to obtain a XXL rating, C-Vibez must to be able to pack on the pounds. The most productive phenotypes are those that blossom the longest. However, even the somewhat smaller phenotypes will generate a high yield.

C-Vibez has a yield range of 500-600g/m2 when grown properly. As long as you have rich organic soil and a lot of sunlight, she can become a true monster and her plants can eventually grow to over 3 metres in height. Only if the growing period is long enough can this be achieved.

In temperate climates, we do not advocate growing her outside. In these weather circumstances, the plant frequently blooms for far too long to properly mature. Outdoors, this species is best suited to drier, warmer, and more sunny regions.

THC Content: 20%-25% 
Effect: Powerful
Flowering time: 56 days
Genetics: Mad Scientist special genetics x Voodoo
Grows: Grows indoors
Plant height: 100 - 150 cm.
Sex: Feminised
THC Content: 20%+
Variety: Mostly Indica
Yield: High
Seed type: Feminised Seeds