Marula Fruit - Regular Seeds
Marula Fruit - Regular Seeds
Marula Fruit - Regular Seeds
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Marula Fruit - Regular Seeds

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Marula Fruit is an African-bred stoning indica. We called the strain after the Marula tree, which grows on the same continent as her.

These massive and rough trees produce fruits that cause native elephants to become inebriated.
Despite the fact that our strain has a different impact, both species have large canopies and psychotropic characteristics.

RQS secured a unique landrace identified in Mozambique, a country in southeast Africa, to develop Marula Fruit. This magnificent specimen was created with a powerful indica strain from Mendocino County, California.

It took a lot of effort to cross-breed these two strains from opposite ends of the globe. We were, nevertheless, really delighted with the outcome!

Marula Fruit evolved as a predominantly indica-dominant strain with 35% indica genetics and 65% sativa traits.

She's simple to raise, has a good crop, and has medicinal properties.

To say that Marula Fruit is calming is an understatement. Her impact is difficult to describe in words alone.

It's similar to the bliss that follows a full-body massage or a good night's sleep. A few puffs of these flowers trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the muscles and relieves stress.

The Marula Fruit relieves a psychological burden and gives the mind a rest. Unless you have a day off planned, this is not a strain to use during the day. Instead, it's best used in the evening.

Fill a bong or vape with her buds and take a break from the outside world. Her flowers have an average THC content of 20%, resulting in a fast-acting high that endures for a long time.

It's simple to see why this strain brings so much relief to medical users. Her physical high is excellent for relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and reducing stress.

Marula Fruit has a nice terpene profile that appeals to the senses. Her blooms have a sweet, sugary scent with hints of cherry and cotton candy.

The Marula Fruit is a true show-stopper. As the blossoming period begins, growers will rapidly notice this. Her buds are odd, yet they are attractive.

They're prickly and shaped like a Christmas tree, and they produce a lot of viscous resin. It's a hardy species that doesn't require special growing conditions and may thrive in almost any setting.

Plants, both indoor and outdoor, are easy to maintain and grow to a modest height. After 49–53 days of flowering, indoor plants generate a pleasing yield of roughly 475g/m2.

Outdoor-grown plants produce a whopping 650g per plant, which is ready to harvest in early October.

Fruit of the Marula Typical data sheet
Type of strain: regular
CBD: 20% THC: 20% THC: 20% CBD: 20% THC: 20% THC:
Low \s Yield Indoor yield: 425-475 gr/m2; outdoor yield: 600-650 gr/plant Indoor height ranges from 90 to 140 cm; outdoor height ranges from 140 to 180 cm. Flowering period: 7–8 weeks Early October is harvest season. Mendocino x Mozambica × Mendocino x Mozambica x Mendocino x Mozambi 65 percent sativa, 35 percent indica Effect: Calming and well-balanced, with an increase in physical activity. Climate: Mild Fruity, earthy, and tropical flavours