Night Queen - Feminised Seeds
Night Queen - Feminised Seeds
Night Queen - Feminised Seeds
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Night Queen - Feminised Seeds

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Dutch Passion | Buy the best cannabis seeds
Dutch Passion has breathed new life into this pure Afghani indica. It gained fast popularity in the 1980s and remains a high-quality, completely unhybridised variety. The plants have a nice, tight, compact structure.
They grow extremely bushy and produce dense, tight and super-potent buds that are covered with thick, sticky resin when fully mature.
The characteristics of Night Queen should also be very familiar to the true indica enthusiast. It has a distinctly spicy aroma coupled with a tangy and sweet citrusy flavour.

The effect it produces is exceptionally strong. It doesn't take much to produce a heavy, cerebral high making the end product either long-lasting for one or a delight to pass around for many.
Expect an immediate wallop that results in a long-lasting couch-locking stone. It is extremely relaxing and therapeutic especially for medical marijuana users.
Migraines are no match for Night Queen, nor is any muscular or joint pain. It is also a very effective treatment for insomnia.

Growing Night Queen is very easy. This feminised variety is particularly easy to handle and is a great option for growers new to cannabis cultivation. Veteran growers will also appreciate the minimum of care required to produce an impressive harvest.
Grown indoors, Night Queen responds well to a variety of methods and adapts well to any light cycle. Grow it hydroponically or in soil. The plants compact structure make it easy to grow a lot in a small space.

They are also relatively short making them an ideal strain for growing in closets or on balconies. Outdoors, the plants adapt well to a number of climates but should be harvested before first frost for maximum yield.
A well pH-balanced soil with ample nutrients will also enhance outdoor performance and produce in amounts comparable to more controlled indoor methods.

CBD Content: High (5% +)
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors
Medical conditions: Insomnia, Pain
Medical properties: Yes, high in CBD
Sex: Feminised
Taste/Aroma: Citrus flavours and spicy scents
THC Content: 18-20%
Variety: Mostly Indica
Yield: High
Seed type: Feminised Seeds