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Silver Widow - Feminised
Silver Widow - Feminised
Silver Widow - Feminised
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Silver Widow - Feminised

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What happens when a White Widow crosses paths with another White Widow in the hands of our most expert breeders?
A spectacle of magic between genetics and botany unfolds before our eyes. Silver Widow debuts in our catalogue of feminized seeds as a perfectly stabilised, majestic hybrid.

The brightness of its trichomes gives it a silvery tone that merges with the dark green colour of its broad leaves, hence its well-deserved name "Silver". Although few know of the origin of the real parents of the White Widow genetics, an original from Shantibaba, we have found the ideal father, of assured stability and with a descendant worthy of pride. At last comes the prodigal daughter, our Silver Widow.

One of its characteristic features to take into account is its strong smell. Silver Widow is penetrating and it is lacking in floral notes – quite the opposite, like ‘unicorn vomit’ that makes it Skunk’s first cousin.
On the other hand, its effect develops in the form of pleasant mixtures of well-balanced sensations of relaxation and good cheer, always leaving a door open to give free rein to the purest creativity.

Elegant and superb, it also stands out for its resistance to pests and diseases, its ease of cultivation (making it ideal for even the most inexperienced) and its remarkable growing speed. Its indoor flowering cycle is around 65 days and its production can reach 600 gr/m2.

Outdoors it easily reaches 2 metres in height and, no less impressive, its productivity, is about 700 gr/plant. Be prepared to harvest between late September and early October in the northern hemisphere.

Mixed effects
High productivity
Resistant to pests
Spiced flavour
Earthy flavour


Seed type: Feminized
Genotype: White Widow x White Widow
Species: Indica-Sativa hybrid
CBD: 0,5 %
THC: 21 %

Flowering cycle: 65 days
Yield: High

Harvest: Early October
Average height: 200 cm
Yield: High