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Twentyfour - Feminsied Seeds
Twentyfour - Feminsied Seeds
Twentyfour - Feminsied Seeds
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Twentyfour - Feminsied Seeds

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Introduction: Twenty Four Feminized was inspired by the strain Charlotte’s Web. A CBD rich hybrid that has minimal THC levels and CBD levels in the 20% mark.

An easy to grow, average sized plant that will be ready to harvest in 8-9 weeks. A big producer with a pungent, skunky aroma making this medicinal strain perfect for social, recreational and medical use.

Genetics: Created by crossing Cannatonic with a CBD male, the results were a hybrid that will flower in a short time requiring little maintenance.

A very versatile strain perfect for beginner growers, who want big buds of medical grade quality without any unwanted psychoactive effects.

Strain Characteristics: This lady will grow with a fine blend of indica and sativa genetics, that will display hybrid vigour.

During the growing phase the phase, she likes to stay low making her a great candidate for plant training. Once flowering begins, stretching will not be too much and she will finish with an average height.

Her buds will grow with a large size and abundance of brightly coloured orange pistils. She is a big producer and is capable of yielding 400 - 500 g/m², when grown in a Sea of Green.

Her aroma is pungent, earthy and skunky, so be careful when flowering indoors and outdoors, as she is certainly an aromatic strain. 
Twenty Four Feminized only takes 56-63 days making her a fast finishing variety that will perform very well outdoors also.

Commercial and beginner growers,and medical patients will find this CBD rich hybrid to be an excellent choice.

Experiencing this strain: An extremely unique cultivar that has a calming and relaxing effect. Very light mentally and not too overwhelming from a physical standpoint.

Nirvana recommend this strain from morning until night time, and for those new to the Cannabis, who wish to enjoy great flavours without being taken out of their comfort zone. Her flavour is similar to a bold, earthy skunk and her aroma when burning is just as loud.

She will really pick you up and has a soothing, therapeutic feel good factor. Medical patients may find Twenty Four Feminized useful for alleviating aches and pains, cramps, spasms, epilepsy, Crohn’s Disease, muscle pains, arthritis, feelings of nausea and sickness, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

What makes this strain so great: Medical patients and recreational smokers are able to grow this lady indoors and outdoors, with excellent results.

You can harvest your medicine in as little as 9 weeks and those wanting to make extracts will find Twenty Four Feminized to be one of the best cultivars around when it comes to medical breakthroughs.


  • Relaxed
  • Energetic
  • Uplifted

Medical use

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


  • Skunk
  • Earthy
  • Woody


Parents This strain is a cross between Cannatonic x Industrial Strain.
Genetics A Hybrid strain consists of both indica and sativa traits bred specifically to carry the best features of the parents.
Feminized These seeds are guaranteed to grow into Female plants, all plants end up producing potent buds.
Cultivation This strain can be grown both Indoor and Outdoor, it is generally more resistant to external factors.
Height The plant grows into a Average sized plant compared to other strains, great for filling up your grow space.
Yield This strain has a yield of 400 - 500 g/m² in SOG on average, a moderate yield when compared to other strains.
Flowering Period This plant has a fast flowering time between 8 - 9 weeksafter the vegetative stage, perfect for a fast grow.
Grow Difficulty This strain is relatively easy to grow, requires some additional care to reach its full potential.